BMFA Scale Forms to Download


The following rules, score sheets and entry forms are in Microsoft Office Word format can be downloaded. To view the files just 'left click' on the links. To download to your computer 'right click' and follow the instructions.

2018 Judges Guides Scale Declaration Sheet (R/C & C/L) Judges Summary Sheet for Peanut

2018 Indoor R/C Nats Entry Form

2018 Rule Book 2017 Scale Declaration Sheet (FF) Judges Summary Sheet for Pistachio  
  Static Score Sheet - All R/C (except Standoff), C/L & Scale F/F (except Peanut & Pistachio) disciplines Flying Score Sheet Indoor Open Rubber/CO2 Electric  
  R/C Standoff Scale Static Score Sheet Judges Summary Sheet for Kit Scale  
  2018 R/C Scale Flying Score Sheet Nats Commentary Sheet  
  2017 R/C Scale Indoor Flying Score Sheet    
  Control Line Flying Score Sheet    
  Static Score Sheet for Peanut    
  Static Score Sheet for Pistachio    
  Static Score Sheet for Kit Scale (Indoor)    
  Flying Score Sheet for Peanut    
  Flying Score Sheet for Pistachio.