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BMFA Scale Technical Committee Newsletter - February 2018


Andy Sephton

First off, I’d like to thank Mike Sollitt for agreeing to take over as Scale Technical Committee

(STC) PRO and Newsletter Editor...accordingly this will be my last missive as Editor!

Secondly, I’d like to welcome the new STC Secretary, John Carpenter - see later for a mug shot and

short CV. I would also like to thank Steve Jackson for stepping in at short notice to become this

years RC Competition Secretary

By the time you’ve read this, the new 2018 Rule book will be available for download from the

BMFA Website. There are a number of significant Rule changes this year, so if you intend to

compete, download a copy and read it!

I have news of two new competitions. We are looking to introduce a light Scale competition into the

BMFA Scale programme in 2019. The idea is to encourage more Club flyers into BMFA

competition by limiting the entry to models of around 5kg maximum all up weight. The rules are

yet to be finalised. If you have any comment, please address it soonest to a member of the STC.

The second competition is due to some outstanding behind the scenes work by John Minchell in

bringing the Eddie Riding Trophy back to life. After extensive negotiation, the competition is now

being organised by the BMFA Scale Technical Committee and will be held this year at Buckminster

during the weekend of 7th and 8th July during the SAM 35 Vintage and Retro Scale Weekend.

There will be five competition classes: Open Rubber, CO2/Electric, IC Power, Jet (Rapier, Jetex,

DF) and Eddie Riding Designs. With the exception of the Eddie Riding Designs event, which will

be held to rules that have yet to be agreed, all the competitions will be to BMFA Scale Rules. Note

that models for the Eddie Riding Designs competition must be built from specific plans. If you are

not already aware of which plans are, or are not, eligible, then seek advice from the STC before you

commence building. Finally, keep your eye

on the modelling press for more details.

If you haven’t already clocked it, I’d like to

remind all Scale FF modellers that the

outdoor Nationals will be held at Barkston

during the August Bank Holliday. And on

the subject of National competitions, the

dates for the BMFA Scale Indoor RC (4

March) and FF (15 April) Nats are fast


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BMFA Scale Technical Committee Newsletter - February 2018

BMFA Scale Technical Committee

This year’s BMFA Scale Technical Committee will consist of:

Steve Kessel - Chairman

John Carpenter - Secretary

Andy Sephton - Treasurer

Mike Sollitt - PRO

Chris Allen - Safety and CIAM Rep

John Minchell - Indoor Scale

Robin Gowler - Results


Competition Secretary (RC) - Steve Jackson

FF Scale - Bill Dennis

CL Scale - Brian Cordwell

Helicopter - John Copplestone

John Carpenter

John was born in 1943 and developed an interest in model

aviation from the age of 11 which developed to Radio Control

from the age of 15. He is married with two grown up children

and several assorted grandchildren.

After school he joined the Civil Service in 1960 and took early

retirement in 1998.

Over the years he has dabbled in most forms of RC model flying

but always returned to scale modelling which has been his

primary interest since first competing in the late 70s. John is

currently competitive in F4(C) and F4(H) events in UK and


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BMFA Scale Technical Committee Newsletter - February 2018

BMFA Scale Rule Changes for 2018

The following is a summary of the Rule Changes made in the 2018 Scale Rule Book. For more

detail, see the 2018 Rule Book, which can be downloaded free of charge from the BMFA Website:

Para - Clarification of the BOM Rule

Para. – Addition of statement on entry fees.

Para. – Addition of statement and definition of wing loading

Para. 6.2.2 – Introduction of new section for C/L Flying Only

Para. – Clarification of rule allowing change of options between flight rounds

Paras. – Change of K factor when using gyros

Para. 6.3.3 – Introduction of new section for R/C Flying Only

Para. – change of max weight for R/C indoor to 300gm

Section 6.3.6 – Clarification of various R/C manoeuvre descriptions and addition of indoor height


Para 6.4 – Introduction of new section for FF General Rules, which includes revised rules for

dummy pilots, the use of R/C DTs and retractable landing gear.

Section 6.4 – All FF classes where the flight phases are judged – introduction of Cruise Phase;

Judging of Realism has been moved to the end of the flight and the K factors have been revised and


Para – Indoor kit Scale qualification rules revised

ANNEX 6A – Clarification of Team Trial procedure to reflect custom and practice

ANNEX 6B – 6B4 – (e) and (f) – Clarification

ANNEX 6B – 6B4 – (h) Addition of Calcutta Cup

Please note that there is an error in the current rule book:


Page 11 – Paragraph – Static Judging Distance

Table Column 2 – Heading should read; ITEM 1 (a), (b) & (c)

Table Column 2 – Heading should read; ITEMS 2 to 6 inc.

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BMFA Scale Technical Committee Newsletter - February 2018

F4C and F4H World Champs Team Trials

(Steve Kessel)

As most of you know the 2018 FAI F4C and F4H Scale World Championships will take place in

Switzerland this year at Swiss Air Force base of Meiringen from July 5th to July 14th. The trials to

select the members for the British teams took place at the BMFA National Centre over the weekend

of 16th/17th September. There were seven competitors vying for the six places available: John

Carpenter, Richard Crapp, Dave Knott, Jim Reeves, Mick Reeves, Dave Toyer and Dave


The static judging took place on Saturday with Chris Allen and Steve Kessel in the judges chairs.

All models were judged to both F4C and F4H rules. This was an interesting exercise in that the

order of merit came out almost the same as shown in the table below.

The Flying part of the trial took place on Sunday using the eastern end of the Buckminster runway.

After the initial mist had burnt off it was fine and bright for the majority of the day. Robin Gowler

joined Chris and Steve for judging and Steve Jackson turned up to join in the flying. There was

some good close flying with Richard achieving the best score of the day with his Westland Wessex.

This model is really showing the benefits to be had from a well set up gyro system. All went well

except for one incident, the sad demise of Mick Reeves’ Sopwith 11⁄2Strutter on its first flight. It

spiralled in following the half roll part of a Split S manoeuvre. Mick later reported that this was the

result of a switch breaking on his transmitter. Unfortunately the model was written off.

For those of you who are not aware, the final selection is made by combining the trial results with

the contestants best two flights over the last contest season. This gave the teams as:

F4C: Dave Womersley, Dave Knott and Dave Toyer with Steve Kessel as Team Manager

F4H: Jim Reeves, Richard Crapp and John Carpenter with John Minchell as Team Manager

I am sure you will all wish the teams well at the championships and let’s hope that three Daves on

one team won’t give the Swiss administrators too many headaches!

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